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Vincent Sebastian is a music producer, percussionist, and DJ who creates innovative music and arts-based experiences. He combines his unique musical taste, performance experience, and drumming skills to create transcendent collective experiences.




He is a PHD researcher with degrees in psychology, music and sound design. His research explores how religious ritual music develops from sacred to secular contexts. His research uses fieldwork in rituals, music and art analysis, and creative practice to explore the evolution of music, symbols, and narratives from traditional to electronic music settings.  



Vincent is a dynamic performer and experienced musician that plays all types of percussion instruments, specialising in those common to his Latin American heritage including congas, bongos, timbales, bata, shekeres, cajon, electronic 

percussion (percussion pads, drum machines, samplers) and all types of hand percussion. 


Check out his interview for Xook TV. He talks about his music, influences, and spirituality. 



Check out his acclaimed music with the band Oyobi.

Oyobi is a three piece music and production group that has released music on various international labels including Defected, Atjazz Record Company, United, and Ocha. 

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Vincent presented his PhD research on the transformation of neo-Santeria sacred music

in 2023 at Australasian Computer Music Conference, Sydney; Dancecult, UK; and Sysmus23, UK.

Thanks to Create NSW for funding for this international  project.  

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