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Music facilitated and produced by Vincent Sebastian and Adm Ventoura.

"The Melody of Humanity is a cross- cultural and multilingual music video which has been released on Human Rights Day, 10 Dec 2020.

The project was led by newly arrived community in collaboration with Inner West local artists and communities to engage a broad range of audiences in the promotion and protection of Human Rights and also remind that human rights belong to everyone, and is what bond people together as a community."

Project led by Laura Luna and Moones Mansoubi for Community Refuge Welcome Centre, SSI, Inner West Council. .

Music and sound design commissioned for documentaries, film, and theatre. See track info for credits. All music produced by Vincent Sebastian.

2015 CV Showreel

Original music by Vincent Sebastian.

Movie: No Country for Old Men

Sound for Time Based Media,

Sound and Music Design, UTS, Sydney.

Feb 2014

Original music by Vincent Sebastian/Cumbiamuffin/ Oyobi

Commissioned by Brian Dalli for South Village

Feb 2019

Original music by Vincent Sebastian (starting  at 4:04min)

Commissioned by Trackdown for The Villagers film.

March 2018

Original music produced by Vincent Sebastian.

Composed by Roots Percussion Group

Commissioned by New Beginnings Festival

Oct 2018

Sound design, music, and FX by Vincent Sebastian (No dialogue)

Commisioned by Tre14 Asia Inc.Media,

Sweden / Phillipines.

April 2015

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