An investigation of NEO-Santeria music principles and their translation from Yoruba ritual to contemporary  global contexts.

This PHD research investigates the recent developments in Neo-Santeria music, a type of contemporary music style that incorporates Afro-Cuban ritual culture, electronica, and audio-visual performance methods. It outlines the principle features that define the style and explores its development from African Yoruba ritual philosophies into contemporary global  contexts. It contributes to the understanding of Neo-Santeria music and its diffusion as a performance framework that includes aural, visual, and kinaesthetic elements. It proposes a new way to understand the spread and translation of Yoruba culture as an embedded set of performance principles based on specific musical trajectories and spiritual objectives.  It uses a combination of analysis, fieldwork ethnography, and creative research. Its outputs include ten musical works, two album artworks, and a music video.