Santeria to Global Bass: The representation of Cuban initiation ritual in electronic music.

Current PHD (Music) research by Vincent Sebastian Labra

Supervisors: Jim Chapman/ Philip Matthias

University of Newcastle


This research investigates the development of Cuban initiation ritual music from its traditional religious form within Santeria to the emerging electronic music trend of Global Bass. Initiation ritual is currently practiced in the Cuban religion of Santeria to prepare the initiate for the next stage of social and spiritual life, and it’s ritual music is believed to contribute directly to the altered states responsible for well-being, health, and knowledge. Using a investigative creative practice, this study focuses on the critical musical factors that contribute to its effectiveness and traces these developments in Global Bass music. Results thus far has identified various specific musical factors that are critical in this development. These are currently being explored through an investigative creative practice and analysed from a technical, aesthetic, and psychological perspective.