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Oyobi is an innovative music group that merges Latin folkloric rhythms, electronic machines, and live performance. Their sound aesthetic is crafted by their three main protagonists- Vincent Sebastian (machines, percussion),  Adam Ventoura (bass), and Planeface (synths)- who together aim for transcendent dance floor experiences. 

Their debut 'Translations' EP (Imagenes Records UK 2019) combined elements of house, jazz, latin, and broken beat with deep primordial undertones. It featured guest vocalist and Los Angeles native Qvln. It was hailed as a "fantastic marriage of an electronic reverence to the sound and rhythm of the ancestors" by iconic producer and label boss Osunlade (Yoruba Records), with the single 'Yege"reaching number 1 on the Traxsource Afro/latin charts. 

They have released music on labels such as Ocha Records (USA), United Records (HK), Atjazz Records (UK) and have been featured on various iconic compilations including Late Night Tales by Bill Brewster. They have supported Grammy Award winners Los Amigos Invisibles and their 2020 cover of Jean Carne's classic "Don't let it go to your head" has gained them international praise, being featured on stations such as Glitterbox radio with Melvo Baptiste (Uk) ,  Makeda Radio (Spain),  and Universal  Rhythms  Radio  (Brasil) , with support from Danny Krivit.  

Oyobi are set to release a full length album in 2021 on London's Atjazz records.  

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Upcoming Transcendence album supported by Inner West Council. 


Traditionally art was valued as a source of wisdom and knowledge. Today, that deeper sense of artistic meaning in often forgotten. Xook seeks to reestablish the connection whereby art is valued as a critical part of societal living which helps us to connect with the wisdom of our past. Xook, therefore, is a platform where artists become our teachers.

Xook accomplishes this by offering an online platform that features interviews and conversations with artists from diverse fields such as dance, film, music, energetic arts, and visual arts. It delves deeply into topics such as spirituality, culture, tradition, focusing on how artists approach art and how it impacts them and their communities. Through this approach, Xook facilitates education on topics such as philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and culture.


Further information can be found at Supported by the City of Sydney



'The Nest' is a recording and production studio based on Crown St Surry Hills that offers professional music composition services. It is a hub of creativity and innovation that services the Sydney artistic community in the creation of innovative, inspiring, and original creative works. It focuses on music production, sound design, and film composition. The studio is managed by Declan Kelly and Vincent Sebastian who serve as producers, musicians, mixers, and creative consultants. 

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